Free hosting and website user guides

These guides have been put together to help give you a solid understanding of each area. They cover how to build a website using HTML and CSS, marketing your website online and offline and how to monitor activity to make improvements.

Planning your website

Need help getting started on your website? This guides covers how to indentify your target audience, picking a domain name, choosing the right hosting package, creating site maps and comparing your competitors.

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Building your website (HTML & CSS)

This is a good overview on how to build your website using HTML and CSS, and includes helpful advice on what software is available for you to create your webpage.

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Marketing your website

Marketing your website is probably one of the most important aspects to consider. This guide gives a good overview of online and offline marketing to help you increase visitors to your site.

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Improving your website

Keeping a track on how visitors use your site is key to optimising your site. This guide outlines the tools available to analyse your website and make decisions to optimise and improve your site based on the data collected.

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